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Scientific calculator

This scientific calculator is taken from the resource Web 2.0 scientific calculator. All rights belong to the owner of its use!

Scientific calculator

The calculator is used to calculate mathematical expressions online. Calculator visually displays the phrase entered and gives an answer to the increased accuracy. It performs complex mathematical operations using functions such as trigonometric, logarithmic, factorial, it performs calculations with complex numbers, vectors and matrices, and allows us to solve some simple equations (eg, square equation 3x^2-2x+1=0), for which a set of keys has a variable x. Let's give some important tips on using the calculator:

  • At low resolution screen view of a calculator varies with the loss of certain functions (eg cotangent).
  • 2nd button in the corner allows you to switch to these keys in the upper corners (instead of sine move to arc sine instead of parenthesis - a square, etc.).
  • The calculator has a wide range of well-known constants (click const).
  • Pressing on = allows you to change the shape of the display results. For example, if the response is received in the form of the exact expression (constant, roots, etc.), then press again on = will make the calculation expression and display the decimal response.
  • The scientific calculator can calculate the angles in radians or in degrees. You can choose what unit of measure should be used. For example, the expression sin (30) in degrees is equivalent to sin(30*(pi/180)) in radians.
  • When operating with the vectors, vector coordinates is written in parentheses: (a1, a2, a3); when operating with matrixes - in the square, and the brackets should be separated and rows of the matrix. For example: [[0, 2, 3], [2, 0, 1], [2, -1, 0]] - a square matrix 3x3.

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